Lips, Lips, and Lips

The tight lips of a person crossing a busy street, pretending not to notice the tons of oncoming traffic headed toward them which could have crushed their tiny, thin lips had they not slowed down.

Lips of a restaurant patron, who is 99% sure they are going to ask to speak with the manager, even though they haven’t been seated yet.

The smug lips you see in your rearview mirror of a person driving a BMW M5 G-Power Hurricane CS. He, (it’s always a “he”), is going to pass you very soon, very fast.

The lips of an old man who thinks the world has gone to hell-in-a-handbasket. He thinks there’s a little too much technology and not enough racism left in the world.

The lips of a teenage girl when phone battery is at 7%.

Chicken Lips.

Lips eating chicken.

Lip balm container lip.

One Day

One day, we’ll know social media for what it is,

An engine which exists to sell us a thing,

One day, we’ll know work for what it usually is,

The mostly-lie which society used to keep us from living,

A precious few see through that veil,

God bless them and keep them well.


Lamps, torches, flashlights,

40 watts, 60, 75,

illuminate the way for the eyes,

but, what about the unseen?

The hidden even a floodlight can’t reveal.

That particular brightness comes from somewhere else,no filament, glass or electricity needed. Instead,

a kind heart to be heeded.

Money is Never Free

Money is never free,

chasing it comes with a cost,

is what you gain, worth what you’ve lost?

The missed date,

daughter’s recital,

you were too late,

son’s soccer game,

you were on a plane.

You worry yourself ill,

closing the next deal,

step back and ask,

am I allowing my cash desires to ruin precious time with others?

And Then What?

You were born and then what?

You learned to crawl and then what?

You learned to say “mama” and “dada” and then what?

You took your first steps and then what?

It was the first day of school and then what?

It was the last day of school and then what?

You met the person of your dreams and then what?

You started a family and then what?

You started your career and worked until you retired and then what?

The kids moved out and then what?

You and your partner spend time maintaining the lawn and then what?


It was there,

then, it was gone,

leaving behind mere fragments,

I’m talking about your memory, mother.

It seemed to occur out of the blue,

but I can’t share that,

it would upset you.

You blamed it on old age,

but, things began to change,

It’s called “looping” I heard the doctor say,

That’s why you repeat things 98 times a day,

I answer your questions, nod and agree,

while I watch Alzheimer’s slowly take you away from me.

Clock Hands

The clock hands wave to the past on their way to high-five the future,

stopping to shake hands with the six and the three.

They can’t stay but a second, because they’ve got somewhere else to be.

“Idle hands are the devil’s playthings” they must have been taught,

I say pull out the battery and let’s talk.

Dangerous Theater

Chests are puffed out,

spines stand straighter,

threats are spewed

in this dangerous theater.

The brat fakes throwing a stone,

to intimidate another,

keeping others off guard

in this dangerous theater.

And, the play continues,

since the days of Mesopotamia,

the brat has no issue with spilling blood

all over this dangerous theater.

Bombs bullets and pain,

triggered by a brat’s signature,

spell the death of so many

in this dangerous theater.

Everyone Deserves Their Moment in the Sun, Son.

Everyone Deserves Their Moment in the Sun, Son.

The Bible says don’t light your candle and hide it,

but, that doesn’t mean you should brag,

like when you twist someone else’s posts to make it be about you, hashtag.

Ego is thinly veiled,

and hard to disguise, you see,

you’re about to bust a gut,

because I want it all to be about me!

Someone posts a pic of their vacay,

you reply, “I’ve been there, let me tell you where I stayed.

Someone checks in and says, “this restaurant is nice.”

You reply, “I know, I’ve been there twice.”

Everyone deserves their moment in the sun, son,

just let them be.

Stop trying to turn everyone else’s posts into something about thee.