Welcome to the site, whether you landed here on purpose or due to the lucky strike of the wrong key, thanks for being here, regardless.  I have retooled this site to give it more focus, as I have gained new insight and clarity. Initially, this site was designed to be an outlet for me to discuss current trends, films and pop culture in general; now, however,  I will focus on sharing portions of my new book, “Andy Logan.”  As an author of Christian horror set primarily in the state of Florida, I will also discuss writing, theology, reading and the general quirkiness of Florida, along with the occasional random detour.


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Every day is a new opportunity, and you can always begin again, right?  I’ve been writing stories since my grade school days, growing up in the tiny community known as Holladay, Tennessee.  Most of what I wrote back then has been lost, so, I’m going to try to make up for that now.  For the past 20+ years, I’ve made my living as a comedy magician under the stage name, Tony Brent.  “Brent” happens to be my middle name.  I’ve been blessed with the ability to provide for my wife and children as an entertainer, and yet still sleep in my bed at night.  That’s a rarity in the entertainment business!

In my writing, you’ll be able to spot the influence of the likes of Stephen King to Frank Peretti.  I am also greatly influenced by this strange, odd state I live in, called Florida.

I have stacks of legal pads, spiral, and composition notebooks filled with stories and ideas that sometimes deep into the night, softly whisper “let me out for the world to read!”  I hear their pages fluttering now.