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2 October, 2016

Snatched is the new On Fleek

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I went to L.A. earlier in the year to visit our oldest daughter and while I was there I picked up on the phrase “on fleek” which according to her means “looks nice” or “is awesome”. According to the Urban Dictionary “On fleek” dates back to at least 2003 but didn’t go mainstream until Ariana Grande included the term in one of her songs.

Snatched is the new On Fleek

Snatched is the new On Fleek

Recently, I’ve been informed that “Snatched” is the new “On fleek”. ¬†If someone says “your hair is snatched”, it means it looks “put together”. ¬†Therefore, if your daughter tells you her dress was “snatched”, clarify before you freak.

The Pop of Culture

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