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3 October, 2016

Needs Some Milk

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Needs Some Milk

Our middle daughter works for an education-focused organization called City Year (Google it, it’s a great organization!). Last week she overheard some 6th graders who were having problems with a computer in the classroom say that particular computer “needs some milk.” Our daughter is 23 years old and wasn’t familiar with that saying, so I guess there’s lots of the rest of us who aren’t familiar with it either.


Needs Some Milk

In 2015 a video went viral of a man behaving erratically in a parking lot. At one point the man falls and the voice of a lady off-camera says he “needs some milk.” Since then parody videos have been made using her quote and often a recording of her voice for anything that involves major accidents, epic fails or falls of any kind.

The origin of “needs some milk” is as murky as milk itself, not skim milk but whole milk, dig?  There is an urban legend that says milk can create a calming effect upon people high on certain types of drugs such as PCP.   According to Knowyourmeme.com the phrase has been mentioned on drug forums dating back to at least 2005 however it is unclear as to when and where the legend began.  In addition to the many viral videos, “needs some milk” has spawned a slew of meme’s as well as tee shirts, ringtones, hoodies, stickers and even a track suit you can buy from Getonfleek here:


Try “needs some milk” on your kids, and grandkids today. Let me know if they recognize it. Your welcome.

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