24 October, 2016

I’m Salty

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I’m Salty. No, it doesn’t mean you just crawled out of the ocean nor does it mean someone spilled seasoning on your shirt at Denny’s.  It’s also not related to Mr. Salty Pretzels (remember those?) which were in fact very salty, yet didn’t sell all that well and Nabisco dumped them in the 1990’s.


“Salty” has been around quite a while according to my human sources and the online research that I’ve done.  I had heard the term occasionally but never gave it thought most likely because it’s such a short phrase that it flew by my radar I suppose.  Here’s an example.”

“I heard your team lost the game.”

“Yeah, I’m salty.”


I’m Salty

The “salty” of today means that you are irritated, upset or angry.  My son swears that salty started gaining in popularity due to its usage within the online multiplayer gaming community particularly during the game, League of Legends.  I decided to check it out for myself and was able to find quite a few links to gaming forums related to League of Legends where “salty” is used very frequently.  Keep in mind that today’s salty shouldn’t be confused with “salty language” which used to mean inappropriate or rude language.  I haven’t heard anyone use the term “salty language” outside of perhaps reading it a turn-of-the-century novel, “her boisterous manner and salty language caused even the most blatant tippler to blush.”

I would love to hear salty used in more professional settings such as:

“When asked how he felt about the United States backing the opposition forces in  Syria, Mikhail Gorbachev was reported saying he was salty about it.”



“President Obama has stated that he is quite salty about Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s comments that he will ‘break up with the United States’ over Obama’s criticism of how Duterte is handling drug proliferation in Manila.”

~The Pop of Culture


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