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3 November, 2016

How This Election Is Killing Your Inner Child

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With every negative political post on Facebook about the Election, there’s an inner child somewhere that falls dead.  Hilary and Donald are each considered a joke by the opposing party, but it’s no joking matter how quickly blood pressures rise when people begin arguing about them on social media.

I’m amazed that folks continue to post political rants on social media and then become enraged when someone attacks their views as if they didn’t expect that to happen.  Frankly, it’s asking for punishment

“Thank you, sir, may I have another.”

How This Election Is Killing Your Inner Child

There was a time when the majority of people didn’t discuss politics in a social setting (my father’s time for example).  However, the word social doesn’t even have the same meaning it did back then.  I can recall my father refusing to tell me who he was voting for in one presidential election.  In those face-to-face days you stood the risk of pissing off a relative, friend, and a coworker or maybe a complete stranger in the supermarket if you began ranting about Nixon.  Now you can rile up social media “friends” around the world in time it takes to click post and then spend hours, even days arguing with them, yay.


Imagine if the amount of time, thought, and energy that people are putting into these posts were put into something productive?  We could have cured cancer and solved the problem of replacing the air in the potato chip bags with more potato chips.  I wonder how many people are going to work each morning already upset by a post they read on Facebook during breakfast and the day hasn’t even started!

Several Tips to Help Deal with Political Posts


  • If you are thinking about posting something political, step back before you post and take a deep breath, take a walk, get a cup of coffee; anything to give you time to make sure it’s something you want to do.  Plus, be prepared to deal with the fallout.
  • Keep in mind that many people post and share posts because they have nothing else to say.  It’s a herd mentality thing.  Whatever is trending, people jump on the bandwagon so take it all with a grain of salt.
  • Don’t assume that people know what they are talking about so don’t take it too seriously, after all, when did they have the time to watch a debate if they are on Facebook all day!


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