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2 December, 2016

It’s a Dance, Not a Sneeze

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The latest dance craze is called the “Dab” or “Dabbin”. The Dab move is very easy to do and somewhat resembles a sneeze due to the fact that you lower your head and cover your face as if you are stifling a sneeze. Do this move the next time you are around kids and it’s sure to get a laugh.

Image Provided by Wikipedia

Image Provided by Wikipedia

It’s a Dance, Not a Sneeze

Basically, the photo says it all but you may want to visit one of the following links to see video clips. The first clip is by Rich the Kid and although has only been up a few weeks already has more than 2,000 views on YouTube.

And if you need even more instruction, here’s Betty White teaching you how to Dab:


Just to show you the internet is not always correct, here’s an article from the Daily Dot stating that the Dab has already peaked. The article is dated over a year ago.


If the popularity of Dabbin was beginning to wane, Cam Newton, quarterback of the Carolina Panthers certainly revived it during Super Bowl 50.

via realballinsiders.com

via realballinsiders.com


If you like gifs, and who doesn’t? Here’s a groovy series of Dabbin gifs to study because there may be a test at the end of this article:


The history of the Dab, like dance moves, is unclear. It’s certainly not a new move and has been attributed to a handful of Atlanta-based rappers, however, that has also been disputed. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter, does it? It’s an easy little dance move that has crossed over all races, age, and barriers so get out there and get your Dab on!

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