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16 March, 2017

LEGO’s Unlikely Brand Marriages

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It is such an odd marriage of connecting-brick toys and iconic pop culture brands that I became so intrigued I decided to do some research. Our daughters were not interested in LEGO’s; however, our son was; he’s 15 years old now and past that stage. A few years ago, however, not only was he into them, but LEGO’s were also into the soles of my feet many a late night. My son no longer plays with LEGO’s, but he does enjoy their movies.  We recently saw and was thoroughly entertained by The Lego Batman Movie (I may have liked it a tad bit more than he did due to the abundance of pop culture references).

The LEGO History

Did you know that the word, LEGO is an abbreviation of two Danish words “leg godt” meaning “play well”?  I didn’t either until I did some research.

The LEGO Group was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen and by 1990 was ranked as one of the 10th largest toy manufacturers in the world.  In 2004 the company began showing a huge decline in profits.  The company entered into an agreement with Ferrari to make sets based on iconic race cars; the company begins to turn a profit again.  In 2007 the company joined forces with Lucasfilm, Inc. to create Indiana Jones sets.  That same year the LEGO Star Wars Millenium Falcon, the world’s largest LEGO model was created.  Collaborating with other iconic brands was paying off!  In 2009 LEGO inked a deal with Disney for the exclusive rights construct toys based upon Disney and Pixar products.

Combining Unlikely Brands

LEGO could have just continued making little plastic bricks, but they didn’t; they joined forces with Ferrari, Merlin Entertainment, Warner Bros. and LucasFilm, Inc., branching into theme parks, computer games, movies, and animated television shows.  I see no reason why other unlikely brands could combine forces?  Below are a few joint branding ventures I’ve come up with:

  • Red Ryder BB Guns & The National Rifle Association
  • View-Master & The CIA
  • Shrinky Dinks & Cialis
  • Baby Alive & The National Right to Life Group
  • Matchbox Cars & Marlboro Tobacco Company
  • NERF Ball & The New England Patriots

These are just a few of my joint branding ideas, feel free to share yours with me!

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